Monday, July 9, 2012

The Voyage of the Mimi: survival skills TV from the 80's

Few videos (and I mean VHS here, but also other media types) bring back fonder, sweeter memories than "The Voyage of the Mimi." [You can watch it for yourself on YouTube, either for nostalgia or curiosity.]

you know you loved the show if you can sing the theme song 20 years later

Created in 1984, the educational PBS series about a young boy (Ben Affleck) aboard a scientific research vessel taught elementary and middle-school children about biology, mathematics, and (most pertinent here) survival skills. 

avoid hypothermia by sharing a sleeping bag
Two of the episodes my friends and I have re-hashed throughout our lives were the episodes during which Li'l Ben and The Scientists distill seawater for drinking, and the episode where (if my memory serves me correctly) one of The Scientists gets in a sleeping bag with an old man to prevent hypothermia. 

[If any blog readers remember escaping class/library time to giggle over, for example, the Mimi crew making a tent out of tree branches, please let us all know about it.]

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